Mitsubishi Service Plans (MSP)

When located anywhere close to Sheffield, or in South Yorkshire, and you are looking for a Mitsubishi Service near me, you will find that Europa Mitsubishi is the clear and obvious choice. The Europa Mitsubishi Service Centre located on Suffolk Lane, is a convenient short distance from the Sheffield city centre at postcode S2 4AL.

Here at Europa we offer a range of Mitsubishi Service Plans designed to allow you to enjoy driving your new Mitsubishi, without the worry of thinking about the price of a Mitsubishi Service cost. The Mitsubishi Service Plan (MSP) was created to cover your cars first 3 scheduled services, which not only offers you peace of mind but also allows you to control and plan your budget. Prices start from just £375 for a Mitsubishi Mirage MSP, and each service includes the full scheduled service with parts such as filters, oil and other consumables, as well as all labour costs. However, the inclusive price does not include wear & tear items like brake pads or brake discs, clutches or tyres.

Model MSP* (inc VAT @20%)
Mirage £425
ASX £475
Eclipse Cross £475
Outlander PHEV £550
L200 £775


  • MSP covers the first three full factory scheduled services, and includes parts, oil, consumables and all labour costs.
  • MSP is available to purchase at point of first registration only.
  • MSP services are redeemable at any UK Mitsubishi approved Dealership.
  • MSP services must be completed in line with the manufacturer’s service schedule as outlined in the vehicle service booklet. More specifically, 1st service completed within 13 months of first registration, 2 service completed within 25 months of first registration, 3rd service completed with 37 months of first registration and all services completed within 1,000 miles of the mileage indicated in the manufacturer’s service schedule.
  • Failure to complete a service within the time and mileage restrictions outlined in these terms and conditions will result in the service expiring and being unavailable to claim. Any future unclaimed services within the MSP will still be honoured, providing they are completed within the time and mileage restrictions outlined in these terms and conditions.
  • In the event of the vehicle being written off, if all services have not been redeemed, an appropriate portion of the MSP purchase price will be refunded without administration charge. Refunds will not be given in any other circumstances.